Worksheets Pack – Free Teaching Materials

English Worksheets

English teaching resources include study guides, printable and online exercises. These worksheets are fun and very colorful.

  • Vocabulary cards / Vocabulary charts

  • Picture dictionary

  • Reading comprehension

  • Writing worksheets

  • Quizzes / Exams

  • PPT

  • Lesson plans

  • English grammar

  • Activity booklets

  • Word scramble worksheets

  • Missing letters in English

  • Multiple choice questions

  • Spelling words list

  • Picture matching

  • ESL dominoes game

  • Word search puzzle

  • Crossword puzzle

  • Riddles

Math Worksheets

Free math activity worksheets and teaching materials to support teachers. We provide a free downloadable maths materials for students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

  • Writing numbers

  • Tracing numbers worksheets

  • Counting activities

  • Number bonds

  • Number line worksheets

  • Addition and subtraction exercises

  • Multiplication and division worksheets

  • Basic shapes worksheets

Preschool and Kindergarten Activities

Printable activities and learning materials. Ready-to-use free worksheets for preschool and kindergarten students.

  • Alphabet tracing and writing

  • Handwriting practice sheets PDF

  • Sudoku for kids

  • Memory game

  • Mazes for children

  • Shadow matching activities

  • Dot to dot worksheet

  • Fun scavenger hunt ideas / Games

Online Worksheets

Free Interactive worksheets for online learning. Digital worksheets for students.

  • Free online vocabulary games for Elementary students

  • ESL online games

  • ESL vocabulary activities online

  • Vocabulary matching

  • Online grammar worksheets

  • Guess the word game

  • English interactive worksheets

  • English memory game

  • Free online puzzles

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